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As a new and growing company, AOK Cleaning & Organizing is an independently owned and solely operated company. I work with you to build a cleaning schedule and frequency that best fits you and your family's needs. 

I spent several years with a nationwide cleaning service and received ample management training including several courses to obtain certifications in professional residential cleaning, training and team management. I was taught how to clean systematically and efficiently, utilize the best methods to optimize cleaning trouble areas and various surfaces, as well as recognize delicate surfaces, such as granite and marble, that require special products to avoid costly and unsightly damage. 

As an independently owned company, I've combined a systematic, detail-oriented cleaning method, with education and research on household sanitation, the chemistry behind common dirt and grime and how to best combat them. As a mother of two, I understand the need for freedom and flexibility. Changing schedules, family events, spring cleaning, and the occasional need for large organization projects can change what you need from your housekeeping service. This is why I work hand and hand with you, from your very first estimate, to your regularly scheduled cleanings, to customize my cleaning plan to best suit you and your family's needs and budget. 

It's a well-known fact is that life’s way too short, and much too precious, to spend it all cleaning your home.  My top priority is to help you enjoy life more, and work less, while still enjoying the many benefits of a clean home. Contact me today to reserve your free in-home estimate and be one step closer to enjoying your weekends with peace of mind and a clean home, because your weekends weren't meant for chores!


Ally Katz

Owner/Professional Cleaner

AOK Cleaning & Organizing 

Eco-Friendly Products


Learn more about our eco-friendly solutions, their ingredients and how each product is formulated to ensure each surface is most efficiently cleaned and disinfected.

Cleaning & Organizing Services


Learn more about our different cleaning plan options. 

With several plans to choose from including a rotating detail cleaning, custom priority cleaning, general maintenance cleaning & deluxe detail cleaning. 

We also provide assistance in household organizing, holiday/event cleaning, as well as many additional add on services and one time services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed



Our greatest priority is your complete satisfaction, that's why we 100% guarantee our work. I'm confident our cleaning and organizing services will go above and beyond your expectations, but in any instance it doesn't, simply contact us and we'll come back and redo anything I may have missed. 

Our company is fully insured and bonded for your peace of mind. 

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