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Recurring Cleaning Plans

Weekly, bi-weekly & monthly scheduling available

Rotating Deep Clean

We divide the house into 5 sections, ensuring that all areas of your home are included in our rotating detail clean. We will perform a general clean on your entire house every clean and rotate two areas for a detailed clean. This ensures every area of your home is regularly maintained and given the extra time and attention it needs. Our rotating detail clean allows us to offer many services that other companies charge extra for and include them in our regular cleaning schedule, saving you money while keeping all areas of your home clean.

Rotational Periodic Deep Task Clean

With our continued commitment to our clients we provide a unique detailed cleaning service. We are excited to offer a rotational periodic task at each visit. You can choose some, or all, of the tasks on our deep clean list and we will incorporate one task per visit to your regular clean, free of charge, in the order chosen by you.

Deluxe Detail Clean

We will perform a full detail clean on your entire house, every clean.  


One Time Services & Extras

Book our exceptional services for your one time need or add on to your existing cleaning plan


We will clean and organize anything from your pantry, your garage to your office supply cabinets. We can assist in cleaning out, consolidating and reorganizing nearly any space or room.

Sale Preperation

A clean, well taken care of home always presents well to a potential buyer. We oil wood and cabinets as needed, make sure all the chrome and glass sparkles, and clean the trim (doors, jambs, window sills, etc). We can, if you wish, make suggestions on rearranging and eliminating things to show your home at its best. We will even pick up a fresh bouquet of flowers! 

Moving Out

We will pack it up, clean it out, clean your new home/office (if local) unpack it, put it away and organize it. We’ll even obtain the moving boxes for you if needed.  

Move In/Move Out

We prepare your new home/apartment for your upcoming move-in, clean your property to prepare for new tenants, or clean your old apartment/home after you move out to ensure you receive your cleaning deposit or avoid additional fees. We guarantee that you will get your cleaning deposit back if you afford us the time we need to clean.  

Extras & add-ons

Refrigerator & Freezer Interior


We will fully sanitize and organize the refrigerator and freezer interior.

Ovens, Dishwasher & other large appliances


Interior cleaning of ovens, dishwashers & washers. We will return your appliance's appearance and functionality to like new conditions.

Window Interior


We will wash any accessible windows in your home and remove the dirt and build up trapped in the tracks. 

Sheet Changing


 We always change and turn down one bed per visit. If you need other bed sheets changed, we are happy to oblige.

Bathroom "Cleaner, Longer" Treatment


Sealing of grout is important every few years depending on usage and wear. We use only the best products available. This procedure is important in reducing mold, mildew, hard water deposits and soil build up. This service could include; showers, counters and floors. We can also treat glass shower doors to help prevent and prolong hard water marks, mildew and soap scum build up. 

Custom requests


We try our best to accommodate any household cleaning and organizing related tasks you need done. While we aren't always able to meet every individual requests, we are often able to accommodate tasks not outlined in our plans and services. Contact us today to see if we can help accomplish your unique goals and requests!